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5th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

July 3–5, 2013 | Mons, Belgium

Special Session on Interactive Linked Television: LinkedTV

sponsored by the LinkedTV project ( )

LinkedTV FP7 project

This special session focuses on a novel form of interactive entertainment being researched in the European FP7 project LinkedTV. "Linked Television" foresees the seamless interlinking of Web and TV content on the same screen and across different screens. Not only the means to dynamically associate Web content to audiovisual programming in order to enrich the viewers experience but also the possibilities to browse within this interlinked content across different devices and interaction means are subjects of our research.

As a goal of this session, LinkedTV will present its current explorations in interlinking Web and TV, how creative persons can design their own LinkedTV experiences, as well as how a second screen and behavioural tracking technology can be used to enhance LinkedTV interactions. Open discussion will be encouraged to examine in more depth how the current LinkedTV toolset and other creative technologies for content and interaction could be combined, also in the context of media art, to realise wholly new Web and TV mashups, and rethink how viewers will consume television in the future.


Details on the LinkedTV Special session:

3rd of July - 14:00 - 15:50 Session 2: LinkedTV Special Session
(chair: Lyndon Nixon, STI International)

  • Web and TV seamlessly interlinked: LinkedTV –  30 min
    L. Nixon
    STI International
  • VideoHypE: An Editor Tool for Supervised Automatic Video Hyperlinking – 20 min
    L. B. Baltussen, R. Ordelman, and J. Blom
    Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, University of Twente
  • Interactive TV Potpourris: An Overview of Designing Multi-Screen TV Installations for Home Entertainment – 20 min
    R.-D. Vatavu, M. Mancas
    University Ştefan cel Mare of Suceava, University of Mons
  • Second Screen Interactions for Automatically Web-enriched Broadcast Video (off proceedings, presented at Future TV 2013) – 20 min
    L. P. Romero, M. C. Traub, M. H. R. Leyssen and L. Hardman
    Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)
  • 3D Head Pose Estimation for TV setups – 20 minutes
    J. Leroy, F. Rocca, M. Mancas, and B. Gosselin
    University of Mons


Details on the LinkedTV Demo Session:

3rd of July - 16:00 - 18:00 LinkedTV Demo Session / Parallel CUTE demonstrations
(chair: Stéphane Dupont, University of Mons; co-chair: Christian Frisson, University of Mons & Lyndon Nixon, STI International)

This session presents the EU LinkedTV Project and provides a discussion forum around several short LinkedTV demos:

  • Videodrome: a Timeline of Linked Media Art/Science/Technology Events
    C. Frisson
  • Medianeum: an Interactive Installation for Exploring Timelines
    F. Zajéga, C. Picard-Limpens, J. René, A. Puleo, J. Decuypere, C. Frisson, T. Ravet, and M. Mancas
  • 3D Head Pose Estimation for TV Setups
    J. Leroy, F. Rocca, M.Mancas, and B. Gosselin
  • VideoHypE: An Editor Tool for Supervised Automatic Video Hyperlinking
    L. B. Baltussen, R. Ordelman, and J.Blom
  • The LinkedTV Enhanced Multiscreen TV Experience
    L. Nixon, D. Ockeloen, K. Hyyppä, and P. van Leeuwen
  • MashtaCycle (On-Stage Improvised Audio Collage) & Profondo Giallo (an Interactive Hypermovie as Homage to Underground Cinema)
    G. Keyaerts, C. Frisson, S. Dupont, T. Ravet, L. C. Guerra, F. Zajéga, F. Grisard, T. Todoroff, and T. Dutoit
  • MyMiniMaxiLoveLife (a Computational Plot Engine of Personal Data based on Statistical Inferences) & Flanograph (Insight into the Choreographic Narrative Measuring Mechanism)
    B. Jacobs and L.-A. Jacobs (LarbitsLab)
  • Creative use of Video Projection and Interactivity in the Artistic Work of Thomas Israël
    T. Israël, X. Siebert, Y. Sebti, L. C. Guerra, T. Todoroff, D. Regottaz, P. Bourke, J. Odeur., C. Frisson, and L. Reboursière
  • Artificial Mythology
    B. Vanderbob

During this session, the participants will brainstorm around an artistic and creative scenario to be used in Future televsision.

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