Preliminary Program

User Behaviour Analysis and Personalized TV Content Recommendation
Ana Ribeiro, Rui Frazao, Jorge Oliveira

Mould Factor: Effects of Microbial Integration on Player Experience of a Hybrid Bio-Digital Game
Raphael Kim, Siobhan Thomas, Roland van Dierendonck, Antonios Kaniadakis, Stefan Poslad

A preliminary evaluation of a computer vision-based system to detect effects of aromatherapy during high school classes via movement analysis
Ksenia Kolykhalova

Syntropic Counterpoints: Philosophical Content Generated Between Two Artificial Intelligence Clones
Predrag K. Nikolic, Hua Yang

A Machine Learning Approach to Detect Violent Behaviour from Video
David Nova, Andre Ferreira, Paulo Cortez

Detection and Prevention of Bullying on Online Social Networks: The Combination of Textual, Visual, and Cognitive
Carlos Silva, Ricardo Santos, Ricardo Barbosa

Predicting Postoperative Complications for Gastric Cancer Patients using Data Mining
Alexandra Francisco, Ana Duarte, M. Esteves, Hugo Peixoto, J. Machado

Scene Reconstruction for Storytelling in 360 o Videos
Goncalo Pinheiro, Nelson Alves, Miguel Guevara, Luis Magalhaes

Detecting automatic patterns of stroke through Text Mining
Filipe Portela, Miguel Vieira, Manuel Santos

A brief overview on the evolution of drawing machines
Antonio Coelho, Pedro Branco, Joao Martinho Moura

Virtual and Augmented Reality interfaces in shared game environments: a novel approach
Francesco De Pace, Federico Manuri, Andrea Sanna, Davide Zappia

Exploring Novel Methodology for Classifying Cognitive Workload
Seth Siriya, Martin Lochner, Andreas Duenser, Ronnie Taib

Compression-Based Classification of ECG Using First-Order Derivatives
Joao Carvalho, Susana Bras, Armando J. Pinho

A Many-Valued Empirical Machine for Thyroid Dysfunction Assessment
Sofia Santos, R. Martins, Henrique Vicente, M. Gabriel Barroca, Fernando Calisto, Jorge Ribeiro, Joana Machado, A. Almeida Dias, J.  Neves

Virtual Agents for Professional Social Skills Training: An Overview of the State-of-the-Art
Kim Bosman, Tibor Bosse, Daniel Formolo