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8th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

June 28–30, 2016 | Utrecht, Netherlands
  Tuesday 28-6
09:30 Registration Location: Big Hall
10:15 Opening Location: Big Hall

Serious gamesLocation: Big Hall

Designing collaborative games for children education on sustainable development

Alysson Diniz dos Santos, Francesco Strada, Andrea Martina, Andrea Bottino

Towards Serious Gaming for Communication Training - A Pilot Study with Police Academy Students

Charlotte Gerritsen, Tibor Bosse

A Serious Game for Learning Social Networking Literacy by Flaming Experiences

Kaoru Sumi, Kodai Kasai

[email protected] Teaching STEM in Modern Schools Through Gaming and Mobile-based Tutoring Systems

Annalisa Terracina, Massimo Mecella, Berta Riccardo, Fabiani Francesco, Litardi Dario

12:00 Lunch

Novel applications and toolsLocation: Big Hall

WWoW: World Without Walls. Immersive Mixed Reality with Virtual Co-location, Natural Interactions, and Remote Collaboration

Ramesh Guntha, Balaji Hariharan, P. Venkat Rangan

The Oculus Rift Film Experience: A Case Study on Understanding Film in a head mounted display

Hannah Syrett, Licia Calvi

My Drama: Story-based Game for Understanding Emotions in Context

Xiaoyu Shen, Emilia Barakova

Building game scripting DSL's with the Metacasanova metacompiler

Francesco Di Giacomo, Mohamed Abbadi, Agostino Cortesi, Pieter Spronck, Giuseppe Maggiore

Interaction Design Tools for Autism

Andrea Di Salvo, Paolo Marco Tamborrini

15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Keynote: JobjorisenMarieke Location: Big Hall
17:00 Reception
  Wednesday 29-6
09:30 Keynote: Elisabeth André Location: Big Hall
10:30 Coffee break

Exertion gamesLocation: Big Hall

Cooperative Tetris: the Influence of Social Exertion Gaming on Game Experience and Social Presence

Danica Mast, Sanne de Vries

Distributed Embodied Team Play, a Distributed Interactive Pong Playground

Robby Delden, Steven Gerritsen, Dennis Reidsma, Dirk Heylen

A Throw Training System Utilizing Visual and Sound Effects

Kaoru Sumi, Yuki Tsukamoto

Play with Me! Gender-Typed Social Play Behavior Analysis in Interactive Tag Games

Alejandro Moreno, Ronald Poppe, Dirk Heylen

12:30 Lunch / demo session

Persuasion and motivationLocation: Big Hall

Design of an Adaptive Persuasive Mobile Application for Stimulating the Medication Adherence

Franci Suni Lopez, Nelly Condori Fernandez

Interactive Advertisements in an IoT Era

Vassilis Khan, Suleman Shahid, Dion Bonné

15:00 Coffee break

Interaction technologiesLocation: Big Hall

Exploring User-Defined Gestures and Voice Commands to Control an Unmanned Aerial Vehicl

Ekaterina Peshkova, Martin Hitz, David Ahlström

Monitoring Interactions

Felix Meissner, Remco Veltkamp

Hold me Tight: A Tangible Interface for Mediating Closeness to Overcome Physical Separation

Carina Gansohr, Katharina Emmerich, Maic Masuch

Analyzing Fear Using a Single-Sensor EEG Device

Jeroen de Man, Nicolette Stassen

17:00 Social Program
  Thursday 30-6
09:15 Keynote: Mark RiedlLocation: Big Hall
10:30 Coffee break

Game studiesLocation: Big Hall

Deep learning for classifying Battlefield 4 players

Marjolein de Vries, Pieter Spronck

Do Warriors, Villagers and Scientists Decide Differently? The Impact of Role on Message Framing

Jorrit Siebelink, Peter van der Putten, Maurits Kaptein

The Effect of Gender, Native English Speaking, and Age on Game Genre Preference and Gaming Motivations

Shoshannah Tekofsky, Paul Miller, Kevin Slavin, Pieter Spronck

Measuring Affective, Physiological and Behavioural Differences in Solo, Competitive and Collaborative Games

Daniel Gábana Arellano, Laurissa Tokarchuck, Hatice Gunes

Playable Cities (WS)

 Location: TBA

10.50-11.00 Opening (Anton Nijholt)

11.00-11.30: The Playful City: Using Play and Games to engage smart citizens

Michiel de Lange (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

11.30-11.55: Play in the Algorithmic City

Troy Innocent (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) 

11.55-12.20: Visual Abstraction for Games on Large Public Displays.

David Gullick, Daniel Burnett, Paul Coulton (Lancaster University, UK)

12:20 Lunch

VASST (WS)Location: Big Hall

13.30-13.40: VASST opening. Merijn Bruijnes, Jeroen Linssen.

13.40-14.00: Social skills training for police officers. Merijn Bruijnes, Jeroen Linssen.

14.00-14.30: project SENSE – Multimodal Simulation with Full-Body Real-Time Verbal and Nonverbal Interactions. Hossein Miri, Jan Kolkmeier, Paul Taylor, Ronald Poppe, Dirk Heylen.

14.30-15.00: A Conversational Agent that Reacts to Vocal Signals. Daniel Formolo, Tibor Bosse.

Playable Cities (WS)Location: TBA

13.30-14.15: Keynote Talk: Playable Cities

Clare Reddington (Creative Director, Watershed, Bristol, UK)

14.15-14.40: Observability and adaptability of media experiences for urban play.

Teun Verkerk (LedWork & Technical University Delft, The Netherlands)

14.40-15.05: From Playable to Playful: The Humorous City.

Chamari Edirisinghe, Adrian David Cheok (Imagineering Institute, Malaysia)

15:00 Coffee break

VASST (WS)Location: Big Hall

15.30-16.00: Supporting Group Reflection in a Virtual Role-Playing Environment. Julia Othlinghaus, H. Ulrich Hoppe.

16:00-16:30 VASST closing discussion. Merijn Bruijnes, Jeroen Linssen.

Playable Cities (WS)Location: TBA

15.30-15.55: Games, Places, Stories.

Gabriele Ferri (Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Netherlands) 

15.55-16.20: Game prototyping with and for People.

Cristina Ampatzidou (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

16.20-16.45: Games, Play, and the City: Fitting Game Design to Smart City Issues.

Sjors Martens (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

17:00 Closing