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6th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

July 9–11, 2014 | Chicago, United States

6th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment


INTETAIN 2014 - Chicago, IL USA


Selected Submissions


Location: Columbia College Chicago

Dates: July 9 - 11, 2014



Creativity is a widely accepted concept loosely referred to as a resource or a capacity to bring about ideas and visions transformed into a body of work. Creativity encompasses making, playing, and designing meaningful opportunities such as interactive media systems and experiences. For INTETAIN 2014, we welcome researchers in science and engineering and creative practitioners to come together and explore how shared media networks, shared production, and shared experiences may make use of a notion such as distributed creativity.


Full Papers

A selective subset of submitted papers have been accepted for presentation as full papers at INTETAIN 2014.


Weintrop et al. discuss the challenge of developing suitable assessment techniques for computational thinking in STEM education.

Collaborative Choreography by Carlson et al.

Draschkowitz et al. report video analysis and machine learning applications to automate coaching in sports by predictive modeling.

Choreographing Digital Water explores synesthetic imagery between sound and visuals for live generative methods that can be used in interactive entertainment. Kim


Rocca et al. present an optimized solution for low cost webcam application to estimate head orientation.


Bos et al. reports the experimental method and results to measure the sense of control of the users and the sufficient control for the task.


Cha et al. attempt to identify a value chain structure in the consumption of performing arts and the social media usage.

 Zhang et al. describe semantic enrichment of dialogues by theme detection with trained documents, the use of latent semantic analysis, neural net model to predict the states of affect, and the usage of active learning in cases of uncertainly. T


Special Session on Humor in Intelligent Environments

A dedicated set of papers, curated by Nijholt, discusses the use of technology to mediate humor.  To accompany the scholarly presentation with live enlightenment, interventions are anticipated by Chicago’s renowned Second City comedy troupe and by comedians from Manchester, the UK’s seat of comedy.


Creative Showcases

The INTETAIN 2014 Creative Showcase session provides live demonstrations through which creative exploration is prototyped. Applications include body movement recognition applied to DJ performance, music and movement controlling simulated water patterns, tourism applications of drone technology, sound synthesis applied to real-time sonification of network activity, and speech recognition used in virtual stand-up comic character talkback. Demonstrations from the STEM education panel will also be presented in the creative showcase. 



The INTETAIN 2014 conference program includes a series of panels that aim to close the gap between creative research and practice, and between academia and industry. The contributions of the various panels are outlined below.


Engaging Participants in STEM* Education: Creating Meaningful Experiences with Interaction Design

Immersive, Interactive, Real and Imagined Sonic Environments

RPGs as Knowledge Creating Chronotopes

Radical Publishing: The organization and Distribution of Art, Literature and Information in the 21st Century

Creative Rumble




Post-conference publication

Selected papers from the conference will be revised for publication in a special issue of a recognized journal.  Journals under consideration for INTETAIN 2014 include Elsevier's Entertainment Computing, Interscience's International Journal of Art and Technology, Leonardo Journal, and  EAI's Transactions on Creative Technology .  Past INTETAIN conferences have generated special issues in Entertainment Computing, IJART, and IEEE Intelligent Systems Journal.




Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago is the nation’s largest and most diverse private, nonprofit college for media, communications and the arts, with about 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and more than 40 foreign countries.

Columbia’s urban campus is situated in the heart of downtown Chicago along Grant Park and Lake Michigan, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, theaters, shops, and the energy and famous modern architecture of the America’s third largest city.

Chicago is an international destination offering a generous mix of creative cultures, top research universities, international corporate headquarters, and national scientific laboratories.


European Alliance for Innovation (EAI)

EAI is a membership-driven, grassroots ecosystem of leading ICT organizations and individuals focused on facilitating and advancing innovation in Europe. It operates through a variety of member-volunteer bodies that participate in both physical and virtual engagement around the ideas and services that will drive Europe’s ambitious innovation agenda.