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6th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

July 9–11, 2014 | Chicago, United States

Pre-Conference Workshops Planned for Tuesday, July 8

I.Adobe Creative Cloud - The fundamental platform for creative thinking, design and visual storytelling.

This workshop will start by laying down a foundation of knowledge around what the Adobe Creative Cloud is and how it is transforming distributed creativity. Adobe Creative Cloud is more than just a bunch of cool Adobe creative applications packaged together for Creative Professionals. The workshop will explore how the Cloud enables services that allow team of talented creative thinkers to visualize their ideas and communicate their stories virtually. The workshop will cover collaboration, distributed computing and working in virtual teams. It will also cover examples of how creative thinkers move from interactive design to publishing radical digital interactive experiences for mobile platforms. This is the 22nd Century creative platform of the future available today. Come learn about how it can drive Distributed Creativity.

Note: Presenter stays away from any reference to Adobe applications. 

II.Branded Entertainment and the YouTube Platform - 4 HR Workshop

Branded entertainment plays an important role in shaping the online video and marketing world of our times.  The media savvy audiences are very sensitive to intrusive advertising and are hesitant to trust such messages.  Instead of relying on commercials (or online video ads), brands often turn to creative agencies to produce content that both entertains and serves the brand.  Creators of such content are faced with a challenge of creating videos that are so compelling that the audiences actively seek them out.  The YouTube platform is at the center of this practice.   Understanding its unique nature and best practices in audience building on this platform is essential is succeeding in such endeavour.  This 4-hour workshop is a crash course in best practices in branded entertainment on YouTube.

Part 1:   2 hours.

- What is Branded Entertainment? Examples.

- Why is YouTube a Branded Entertainment friendly platform?

- Costs of advertising on TV vs. Costs of Adwords for Video (Advertising on YouTube)

- Earned Media VS. Paid Media.

- Social

- Analytics

- The myth of a “viral video”

-  Standalone Video Campaign VS. Long-Term YouTube Channel Strategy

Part 2:  1 hour

- Developing a Standalone Video Campaign - Best Practices

- Brainstorming Session (each group develops an idea for a campaign for assigned brand)

Part 3:  1 hour

- Developing a Long-Term YouTube Channel Strategy - Best Practices

- Brainstorming Session (each group develops an idea for a channel for assigned brand)