Accepted papers

Big Ideas and Ethics

ToDI: A Taxonomy of Derived Indices
Israel, Maria Josep (Santa Clara University); Shaghaghi, Navid (Santa Clara University); Amer, Ahmed (Santa Clara University)
On Trusting a Cyber Librarian: How rethinking underlying data storage infrastructure can mitigate risks of automation
Israel, Maria Joseph (Santa Clara University); Graves, Mark (University of Notre Dame); Amer, Ahmed (Santa Clara University)
An ethical code for commercial VR applications
Ramirez, Erick (Santa Clara University); Tan, Jocelyn (Santa Clara University); Elliott, Miles (Santa Clara University); Gandhi, Mohit (Santa Clara University); Petronio, Lia (Santa Clara University)
Designing serious games for the mitigation of the impact of massive shootings in a Mexican environment
Chacon Quintero, Juan (Universidad de Monterrey); Martinez Nimi, Hisa (Universidad de Monterrey)

Extended Reality (XR: AR/VR/MR)

KeyLight: VR System for Stage Lighting
Golliver, Madeline (Santa Clara University); Beams, Brian (SCU); Shaghaghi, Navid (Santa Clara Univesity)
Acceleration of Therapeutic Use of Brain Computer Interfaces by Development for Gaming
Scott, Julia (Santa Clara University); Sima, Max (Theia Interactive)
Low-complexity Workflow for Digitizing Real-world Structures for Use in VR-based Personnel Training
Smith, Mason (Texas A&M University)
Design and analysis of a virtual reality game to address issues in introductory programming learning
Wee, Chyanna (Sunway University); Yap, Kian Meng (Sunway University)
Handheld vs. Head-Mounted AR Interaction Patterns for Museums or Guided Tours
Liu, Yu (Hochschule Rhein Main); Spierling, Ulrike (Hochschule Rhein Main); Rau, Linda (Hochschule Rhein Main); Dörner, Ralf (Hochschule Rhein Main)
Art Access in Pandemic Times: 3D Digitization Process of an Art Gallery Bordini, Rogério Augusto (University of Campinas); Baio, Cesar Augusto (University of Campinas)

Industry and Government

Narrowing the Second Chance Gap
Bathala, Hithesh Sekhar (Santa Clara University); Shaghaghi, Navid (Santa Clara Univesity); Huang, Zuyan (Santa Clara University); Azzarello, Connor (Santa Clara University); Chen, Anthony (Santa Clara University)
Investors Embrace Gender Diversity, Not Female CEOs: The Role of Gender in Startup Fundraising Cassion, Christopher (Santa Clara University); Qian, Yuhang (Santa Clara University); Bossou, Constant (Santa Clara University); Ackerman, Margareta (Santa Clara University)

Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence

Neuroevolution vs Reinforcement Learning for Training Non Player Characters in Games: The Case of a Self Driving Car
Palamas, Georgios (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
Is Learning by Teaching an Effective Approach in Mixed-Reality Robotic Training Systems?
Pratticò˛, Filippo Gabriele Merino (Politecnico di Torino), Francisco Navarro (Politecnico di Torino); Lamberti, Fabrizio (Politecnico di Torino)
Is not Prediction Error a High Enough Price to Pay for Algorithmic Transparency?
Otdelnov, Mark (University of Houston)
Training Medical Communication Skills with Virtual Patients: Literature Review and Directions for Future Research
Battegazzorre, Edoardo (DAUIN – Politecnico di Torino); Bottino, Andrea (DAUIN – Politecnico di Torino); Lamberti, Fabrizio (DAUIN – Politecnico di Torino)

Internet of Things (IoT)

SwingBeats: An IoT Haptic Feedback Ankle Bracelets (HFABs) for Dance Education
Chee, Yu Yang (Santa Clara University); LaFerriere, Alissa (Santa Clara University); Mayer, Jesse (Santa Clara University); Shaghaghi, Navid (Santa Clara Univesity)
Plug-and-Play Haptic Interaction for Tactile Internet based on WebRTC Iiyoshi, Ken (New York University); Gebremedhin, Ruth (New York University Abu Dhabi); Gokhale, Vineet (TU Delft); Eid, Mohamad (New York University Abu Dhabi)
Mona Prisa: A Tool for Behaviour Change in Renewable Energy Communities
De Ruyck, Olivia (imec-mict-Ugent); Conradie, Peter (imec-mict-Ugent); De Marez, Lieven (imec-mict-Ugent); Saldien, Jelle (imec-mict-Ugent)

Late Track

GrainSynth: A Generative Synthesis Tool based on Spatial Interpretations of Sound Samples
Palamas, George (Aalborg University Copenhagen); Vasileiou, Archelaos (Aalborg University Copenhagen); Tenera, João André Mafra (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
Modeling Audio Distortion Effects with Autoencoder Neural Networks Russo, Riccardo (Aalborg University Copenhagen); Bigoni, Francesco (Aalborg University Copenhagen); Palamas, George (Aalborg University Copenhagen)

Poster Track

Taking the First Step with IDs
Azzarello, Connor (Santa Clara University)
Twitter Sentiment and Political Approval Ratings
Hussain, Mubashir (Santa Clara University); Zuluaga, Juan Manuel(Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana)
Facilitating Patient- Psychiatrist Relationship
Huang, Ron (Santa Clara University)
Fixing AI for Public Safety
Pagadala, Ananya (Santa Clara University)
I’m Submitting a Poster Proposal
Chandler, Amirah (Santa Clara University)
True Virtual Learning
Katta, Devesh (Santa Clara University)
Creating Trustworthy AI for the Environment: Transparency, Bias, and Beneficial Use
McNally, Angelus (Santa Clara University); Green, Brian (SCU – Director of Technology Ethics)
Futuristic Technology
Liu, Jessica (Santa Clara University)
Digital Private Paternalism and Firma’s Moral Obligation to Inform and Act
Dreiman, Julian (Santa Clara University)
Finding User’s Sharing Potential (USP) for Monitoring Fake News on Online Social Network
Ghosh, Smita (Santa Clara University)