Call for posters

INTETAIN 2020: 12th EAI International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment 


This year’s edition of EAI INTETAIN 2020 puts emphasis on the ways that technology will change the way people interact with reality. The conference seeks novel, innovative, and exciting posters in the following areas: 


Big Ideas and Ethics

o Ethical issues of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

o Ethical issues of Intelligent Systems (IS)

o Ethical issues of Internet of Things (IoT)

o Ethical issues of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality

o Existential Threats of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

o Future of Reality o Futuristic Technology

o Human Computer Interaction (HCI) of the Future o Physics of the Future

Industry and Government: 

o Legal and regulatory issues of Artificial Intelligence

o Legal and regulatory issues of Intelligent Systems o Legal and regulatory issues of Internet of Things

o Legal and regulatory issues of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality o Industry White Papers on Artificial Intelligence

o Industry White Papers on Intelligent Systems o Industry White Papers on Internet of Things

o Industry White Papers on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality o Privacy concerns of Artificial Intelligence

o Privacy concerns of Intelligent Systems

o Privacy concerns of Internet of Things

o Privacy concerns of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality

Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence: 

o Artificial Intelligence (AI)

o Artificial intelligence in education

o Artificial intelligence in games

o Artificial intelligence in IoT

o Artificial intelligence in Transportation o Intelligent virtual reality based learning systems

o Smart Roads and Transportation Systems 

o Smart Technologies o Supervision of Autonomous Systems


o Haptic Feedback o Haptic Game Interfaces

o Haptic Human Computer Interaction

o Haptic Sensors and Actuators

o Mid-Air Haptic Feedback

o Multi Point Haptic Feedback o Tactile Internet;

o Telehaptics

Extended Reality (XR: AR/VR/MR): 

o 3D modeling

o 3D Scanning

o Artificial Life

o Gamification

o Haptic Feedback

o Immersive virtual reality

o Learning in XR environments

o Medical XR

o Serious XR Games

o Spatial and Visual Effects

o Virtual Humans

o Virtual and Augmented Tours

o Virtualized, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

o XR system Usability o XR Games 

Important dates

Poster Proposal Submission deadline November 9th 2020 

• Poster proposals must be in the form of a 1-3 page extended abstract using the conference paper submission template, which will not be published; however, 

• 4-5 page papers accepted under the poster track for publication can also be considered for the poster competition upon authors’ request Notification of acceptance deadline: November 23rd 2020 

• Authors of accepted proposals will be contacted with guidelines for poster creation and submission Conference date: December 11th – 15th 2020 

Review Criteria 

The poster will be peer-reviewed and rated for acceptance using the following criteria: 

● Relevance to conference vision/topics and attendees 

● Applicability of the project in real-world scenarios. 

● Potential to bring in participants to the conference from different audiences 

● The overall quality of contribution 

● Provides a hands-on, collaborative, and/or active learning environment for attendees 


Accepted posters will be allocated 15 minutes for an interactive poster presentation at the conference. The posters will be assessed based on technical merit and presentation quality. One poster will be selected for each of the following awards: 

● Most Humanitarian Award, sponsored by SCU’s Frugal Innovation Hub. 

● Most Interdisciplinary and Innovative Award, sponsored by SCU’s Ciocca Center 

● Most Mathematically Rigorous Award, sponsored by SCU’s Mathematics and Computer Science Department 

● Healthcare Innovation Excellence Award, sponsored by SCU’s BioInnovation and Design Lab: The Healthcare Innovation Excellence Award recognizes innovative projects that demonstrate increased efficiency, affordability, and improved performance of healthcare and medical technologies. 


EAI INTETAIN 2020 poster presentation session will be conducted virtually. 


EAI INTETAIN 2020, Poster Presentation Chair: Jaykumar Sheth (Santa Clara University) [[email protected]

Organizing committee

This conference is the result of the efforts of a large committee whose name, affiliations, and emails can be found here: