EAI INTETAIN 2020 invites you to present posters about the following topics during the conference held from December 11-15, 2020 in Santa Clara, United States & Cyberspace.


1. How use VR Game Design to Teach Concepts in Sustainability 

Brian Beams
SCU XR Lab Manager and Lecturer at Santa Clara University
Join Brian Beams in the workshop on designing for education in sustainability. Game design can be used to teach complex interactions through systems, and research shows enhanced learning through immersive applications. By thinking about complex systems and overlapping decision making processes in real time immersive environments, we can teach users about actions and consequences while informing them about the long term planning needed for sustainable development.


2. Prototyping for IoT Projects with Arduino and ProtoPie

Annie Sungkajun
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design / Creative Technologies Wonsook Kim School of Art / Illinois State University
In this workshop you’ll learn about prototyping for IoT projects with Arduino in ProtoPie. IoT is all the rage, but maybe you don’t know how to get started? The workflow using Arduino and the ProtoPie platform make it accessible and easy to rapidly create and design your ideas without the need for extensive circuit design experience.


3. Basics of Gaze-based Interactivity with VIVE Pro Eye

Mason Smith
Lecturer and PhD Candidate at Texas A&M University
Eye tracking is all the rage these days. All the cool kids are doing it. Learn how to set up gaze-based interactivity with VIVE Pro Eye and join the growing list of cool kids.

4. How to use P5.js to Generate Ideas for your Art Practice

Krista Fay
Independent oil painter, digital artist and art instructor
Learn how Krista Fay developed the project Iconographer to develop a body of work that incorporates generative design and fine art painting. In Iconographer each generated symbol was also randomly assigned a title from a list of 400 verbs. 



If you have any questions, please contact the General Chair : Navid Shaghaghi- [email protected]