Call for Workshop Proposals

EAI INTETAIN 2020 invites you to present virtual workshop proposals during the conference held from December 11-15, 2020 in Santa Clara, United States.

EAI INTETAIN is seeking proposals for workshops in AR/VR/XR, software, graphics, and tools used in the creation of interactive creative projects and research. We are seeking workshops that present novel tools and techniques from a wide range of disciplines, both creative and technical. 

The conference seeks novel, innovative, and exciting work in areas including in art, science, design and engineering regarding computer-based systems (models, software, algorithms, and tools) or devices (digital cameras, smartphones, etc.) that provide intelligent human interaction or entertainment experience. Our workshops sessions will be a chance for presenters to share their techniques for developing these works and connect with other academics and creatives in this space. 


The workshops will be hosted virtually and presented to conference attendees remotely. To apply for a workshop please present an abstract of 500 words maximum which includes any software or equipment participants would need to participate in the workshop (for instance, a workshop on novel techniques in Houdini would require participants to download Houdini before the start of the workshop).

At least one presenter must register for and attend the conference.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Workshops Chair: Brian Beams – [email protected]

Submit your workshop proposal to Workshops Chair: Brian Beams – [email protected]