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9th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

June 20–22, 2017 | Funchal, Portugal
We are happy to announce the Keynote Speakers of Intetain 2017:
Clara Mancini, Open University UK
Henrik Hautop Lund, Center for Playware, Technical University of Denmark
Nuno N Corriea, University of Madeira and Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI)


Professor Henrik Hautop Lund, Center for Playware, Technical University of Denmark, is World Champion in RoboCup Humanoids Freestyle 2002, and has more than 200 scientific publications. He has developed shape-shifting modular robots, presented to the emperor of Japan, and has collaborated closely on robotics and AI with companies like LEGO, Kompan, BandaiNamco for the past two decades. He has developed technical skill enhancing football games and global connectivity based on modular playware for townships in South Africa for the FIFA World Cup 2010 (together with footballers Laudrup and Hoegh). Together with international pop star and World music promoter Peter Gabriel, he has develop the MusicTiles app and MagicCubes as a music 2.0 experience to enhance music creativity amongst everybody, even people with no initial musical skills whatsoever, and used for stage performance during Peter Gabriel’s tour. He has invented to the patented modular interactive tiles for playful prevention and rehabilitation. He is currently board member of the 20m euro Patient@Home project in Denmark – and partner in the EU projects Human Brain Project and REACH. In all cases, the modular playware technology approach is used in a playful way to enhance learning, creativity and activity amongst anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Dr Clara Mancini is a Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design at The Open University’s School of Computing and Communications. She is a researcher in Multispecies Interaction Design, with a focus on requirements, design and evaluation of pervasive computing systems for practical, real-world applications. In 2011 she founded the Animal-Computer Interaction Laboratory whose research program she has since been heading. The mission of the ACI Lab is to expand the boundaries of interaction design beyond the human species and its research aims include: investigating the interaction between animals and technology in naturalistic settings; designing interactive technology that can support animals in different contexts; and developing user-centred methods that enable animals to participate in the design process as legitimate contributors. Clara is particularly interested in the methodological challenges and innovation opportunities presented by ACI, and in the potential that this emerging discipline has to contribute to human and animal wellbeing, social inclusion, interspecies cooperation and environmental restoration.



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Nuno N. Correia is a researcher and audiovisual artist. He is interested in interactive multi-sensorial experiences. Since 2000, he has been teaching and conducting research in media art and design, in universities in Portugal, Finland, Estonia and the UK. He is currently the assistant professor at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, University of Madeira. He holds a Doctor of Arts degree in new media from Aalto University (Media Lab Helsinki), with the thesis “Interactive Audiovisual Objects“. He conducted a Marie Curie EU Fellowship at Goldsmiths, University of London, with the project “Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces”. Previously, he has worked at the design consultancy Fjord.