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7th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

June 10–12, 2015 | Torino, Italy

Understanding the game industry

Download Workshop program here: uploads/Workshop Intetain.pdf


Understanding the video game industry

The goal of the workshop is to offer an opportunity for students and professionals to discover the video game industry, showing all of its different fields. The video game development process involves not only programmers but a lot of other skilled talents like artists, game designers, psychologists.
The attendant will participate to talks and workshop, having the opportunity at the end to try to make a concept of a video game. At the end of the workshop he will learn the fundamentals of the game industry, in order to be able to consider starting his career in it. The speakers are video game and computer graphic veterans that worked for companies in the industry like Milestone, Ubisoft, Dreamworks.
Skills requested: none. The workshop is an introduction to the industry.